Lightfield OST - Digital Download - High Quality mp3

Lightfield OST - Digital Download - High Quality mp3


Minimum records are proud to bring you this brand new soundtrack by Austrian electronic musician Zanshin. Taken from the hyper futuristic racer 'Lightfield' by developers 'Lost In The Garden', the OST features 17 tracks of pulsing electronic oddness. Stunningly produced and composed, this record covers everything from minimal techno to glitchy electronica, mixing blasting beats with washed out vocals and all manner of electronic wizardry. A truly mesmerising record full of unexpected twists and turns.



1. Chance Ain't Counting The Daze

2. Cloud Atlas

3. Acbde Acdbe

4. Cleaver Clearance

5. Solrenichi

6. Syzygy In Canis Major

7. You I I You

8. Pynnocchyo's Pyrrhusmite

9. Shadoubt Shaps

10. Esmeralda The Swift

11. Summer Night Steam

12. Haemlin Hoop

13. Terst Tenggol

14. Giedi Gills

15. Lunathotsuki

16. Jinxed Sphinx

17. Low End Fairy

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