Minimum Records Sampler Tape

Minimum Records Sampler Tape


Limited Cassette Store Day 2018 Release


The fifth annual Cassette Store day takes place on October 13th, so we are getting involved with our first cassette!
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The Minimum records sampler features a track from each of our vinyl, CD and digital releases so far, and 2 super exclusive tracks from our upcoming 2019 vinyl release, ‘The Church In The Darkness’ (check out the trailer here:

The cassette itself features original artwork from our previous release ‘Lightfield’ and has been made to resemble a Sega Master System case by designer Kris Sheasby. (

Get the cassette in participating stores on the UK, or order directly from our website for international shipping. This release will be strictly limited so don’t miss out!

Side A:
1. Battle Theme (Cursed Coins OST)
2. Syzygy In Canis Major (Lightfield OST)
3. Dark Forest (No Thing OST)

Side B:
1. Vikings (Pixel Assassin OST)
2. Future Unfolding (Future Unfolding OST)
3. Trailer Theme (The Church In The Darkness OST)
4. The Song Of Forgiveness (The Church In The Darkness OST)

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